Neck Brace Support Soft Cervical Collar Adjustable Collar ,Wraps Aligns & Stabilizes Vertebrae-Relieves Pain,Treating &Rehabilitating Neck,Head or Spinal Orthosis/Injuries

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About the product

EASY TO PUT ON AND FITS MOST NECKS: Simply wrap the neck brace around the neck and secure with the integrated fastener. The integrated velcro strap allows the brace to be easily adjusted for a precise, personalized fit.

Comfortable to wear with cotton material on the skin side to absorb moisture Indication for use: Neck extension injuries (whiplash), cervical spondylitis, spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis / osteoarthritis, herniated cervical disc.

3 plastic breathing holes in the centre so that perspiration doesn't build up inside, and the foam padded top is ergonomically shaped to fit very well under the chin.

Strongly made, well stitched, very soft material, good padding with rigid reinforcement plate inside the padding

The velcro fastening allows for a good amount of adjustment for maximum comfort.

Product description

Size: Large

SUPERIOR PAIN RELIEF AND INJURY SUPPORT: Cervical collar supports the jaw and neck while limiting mobility to relieve pain and pressure in the spine. Realigning and stabilizing vertebrae, the soft foam collar can be worn throughout the day and while sleeping for superior support and pain relief. The non-rigid neck brace will also relieve headaches caused by cervical strains and sprains. Useful for post-operative rehabilitation and injury support. CONTOURED FOR COMFORT: Ergonomically designed, the plush foam cushions the jaw and neck for a comfortable, supportive fit. The foam is contoured to closely fit the chin and jaw for maximum comfort.

ASIN: B079P8867S

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